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“In view of the sensitivity of the reverse logistics process, we offer a wide range of innovative supply chain services and have robust, watertight processes to maintain all checks and balances at all times.”

Samir Baig, Founder & Chief Executive Officer 
Vastco Logistics & Solutions

Choosing the right reverse logistics partner is of utmost importance to minimize risks
Reverse logistics is a process wherein goods are returned to the original producer, manufacturer, seller, or distributor for servicing, refurbishing, or scientific disposal in accordance with guidelines set by local and central authorities. It could involve a faulty part, unsold inventory, a product or part in a broken or damaged condition, or a policy enforced by an organization to collect or recall all old inventories. These items are then put through a reverse

logistics process that could encompass any of the aforementioned activities or a combination thereof.
Reputable and large companies routinely engage in these practices to secure and safeguard their brand image and leadership in the market for long-term accrued benefits. We are well aware of the considerable difficulty and effort that goes into establishing a brand image in the market. Choosing the right reverse logistics partner is of utmost importance to minimize risks as much as possible.

Though we receive a lot of inquiries for reverse logistics, we work with reputed companies only
Currently, reverse logistics is not our primary focus and though we receive a lot of inquiries, we only work with reputed companies only. We are only the carrier or transport partners in this whole value chain and our costs are limited to the logistics part only. However, we understand the sensitivity of the process and employ trained manpower and robust, watertight processes to maintain all checks and

balances at all times. We only utilize container body or closed-body vehicles equipped with proper locks and seals, featuring randomized numbers. All vehicles are loaded and unloaded under the strict supervision of our personnel. In most cases, companies from the pharmaceutical and FMCG industries provide us with partially destroyed stocks. By “half destroyed,” we mean that a primary level of destruction is carried out. They conduct an audit of the returnable inventory first and then strike out the brand names and/or destroy the primary packaging to render the product unidentifiable. Subsequently, we weigh them and transport them to disposal facilities identified by the principal companies.

Once fully destroyed and disposed off, the facility issues a certificate to the principal company regarding the material received, and the process is considered complete. This cycle continues in this manner.
We refrain from engaging with companies that lack the necessary authorizations and clearances
The principal companies must maintain all regulatory and statutory licenses and compliance at all times for producing products that require safe disposal. Some parts and/or products, if not disposed off properly, may pose harm to the environment and are closely monitored by regulatory agencies. Therefore, we refrain from engaging with companies of questionable business practices or those

lacking the necessary authorizations and clearances. Certain categories, such as products with carcinogenic or radioactive properties, pharmaceutical products containing narcotics or substances on the borderline of being banned or controlled, greases and oils, and chemicals or chemical liquids, are to be entirely avoided. Consequently, we do not collaborate with companies or handle products falling into these categories. Apart from reverse logistics, Vastco also provides logistics services to various industries such as Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Textile, FMCG, and the Food & Beverage industry. Our goal is to deliver the highest standards in logistics at competitive prices.

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